“The battle within”

We all start to begin the day as best as we can, “unless otherwise”, we face our adversity’s everyday on trying to go through and be successful on whatever your in. It’s tht voice in our heads telling us “you will never make it”, “just do it tomorrow”, “why should I do this” the voice in our heads that is repeatedly saying this over and over again.

The real question and action with that question to yourself is; “what are you going to do when this voice is coming towards you”?,

“Greatness is waiting for this action”.

“Ego for sure”

“I choose not to listen, I choose not to grasp”.

You see I love to sit inside you and hold onto pain, self judgment, self suicidal tendencys, keeping in that euphoric state of confusion to have you choose desire to take and never give back. I love it when you are by yourself or looking into the mirror, this is where I come and make that presence known to you all. Don’t you get it! This is the reason why you cannot stay by yourself, or comfortably look at yourself with comfort and love.

Are you having a tower moment now….

To bad because you love what is unbalanced, you choose to stay in silence and follow wherever the crowd heads.

You see we choose pain because it gives us all the excuse to be who we are that you are not satisfied with, “internally”. We are set in a way that you know what to do to break free from your frog ponds, you know the answer to the problem of your confusion on whatever is happening in your life. Your surroundings, your social groups, your inner goals, your direction of where your headed is all run by that ego, all one has to do is “sit alone”, or look into that mirror on the unknown self where you have the opportunity to destroy that ego.

“The gods are waiting for lions to roam”, “In that mirror of the unknown”,”where the self is a prisoner of past demons thats torn into stones”.

“A questionable career”

“A questionable career”

I know all of us in the career aspect has experienced a toxic workplace, and or had to deal with toxic co-worker and bosses.

We must know that each individual is a representative of there own brand Wich they bring to the table to there workplace and what is reliable by your everyday actions.

If one chooses to be the toxic “knowingly” what they are choosing, has a deeper issue within themselves do to the fact that it is that deep addiction that one holds as power and control because that is better then sex to them lol.

“Be the best because you are the best and your representing the best”

“The hero within”

“A real question to the self”

We as humans beings search for a hero to look up to or sub consciously place a hero within ourselves to create unknowingly. Is this a morbid self destruction tendencys?, Or an excuse for more self suicidal actions within ourselves?. What I do know is we are always giving an excuse to not be the hero one wishes to be, do to the fact of the “blame game”, or no confidence within ourselves to get the answer. We always place self responsibility on others to figure out our own demise.